On August 11 and 12 something amazing happened, a group of action film fans and filmmakers collided in Austin Texas for the first annual IDTV Action Fest. It was a weekend packed with 35 films from around the world which consisted of nothing but amazing action. Side by side with the films were panels, consisting of the leading people behind the scenes of some of the most influential action properties out today.

The panels, which included ones about animation and women action stars, were both informative and entertaining. It was an intimate conversation with incredible talent like Caitlin Dechelle (stunt woman for Wonder Woman) and TJ Storm (motion-capture marvel), allowing the audience to get a sneak peek at their careers.

To say it was a success would be an understatement. We spent the last two years strategizing the event, Cloud 9 won’t be leaving us any time soon. It was a pleasure to spend the weekend talking and getting to know incredibly talented people who will continue to inspire us in our own filmmaking careers. The energy was welcoming and creative, the exact balance that film festivals are supposed to be. 

This is just the beginning, and the years to come will bring even more talent and excitement to Austin. It is our goal to honor those men and women behind the scenes, the stunt coordinators and choreographers and teams and actors, who have captivated us for generations with their death defying action feats and allowing the audience to trouble disappear into the worlds they have created. It is our job as fans to make sure they realize how much they are admired, and thank them for making our world a little bit better.

--IDTV Action Fest Team


photos by jody zung

Panels, Films Q&A, Festival Photos, and Filmmakers Cocktail Party


photos by Ziv Kruger

Panels, Film Q&A, and Festival Photos


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