Tim Kennedy: A Fighter for Truth

Image by Karla Reina

Image by Karla Reina


Upon meeting Tim Kennedy, Army Special Forces—UFC Middleweight fighter—action actor, perceptions are shattered. Kennedy embodies all the different occupations he undertakes, yet he breaks all stereotypes of these quintessential manly men. Most people bounce between jobs depending on what occupation they are currently at, but for Kennedy, he is all his professions all of the time. He is a complicated charismatic character, and one hell of a great guy.

“It’s not like they are separate things. Being in Special Forces [Green Berets/Ranger], you have to be pretty athletic,” Kennedy adds. “It was pretty easy to go from there to fighting, that’s what we do everyday anyway. The stuff I’m doing with TV, everything I’m going to do is going to be very physical, very textured in realism/sudo-realism.”

Kennedy knows what his strengths are and he will use them to his advantage. It’s hard not to acknowledge his confidence, especially if you’ve ever seen him in the ring, but his strength in character goes beyond his physical stature and military background. He’s putting an element of authenticity that is lacking in so many projects today.

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