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Welcome back to another exciting season of Game Master Tips! Our Game Master extraordinaire, Satine Phoenix, shares with you some of her tips for creating amazing adventures, dealing with difficult parties, or what it takes to sit behind the GM screen. Even if you are a first-time storyteller or a veteran of the field, Satine helps you to become a better player at the table.

This season, Satine brings in some of the best minds to craft an adventure to the show to tackle the issue of the day. TJ Storm pulls up a chair to the table to share his wisdom for running a long (15 years!) campaign.

How to keep it going even after your story is done. Try bringing back elements from the original story. Let them experience the consequences of their experiences. (Remember that NPC they left behind?) Bring more of the world to life to give your characters something to do or let your players be your guide to the next story beat. TJ talks about letting your players get into trouble. A trip to jail means that someone needs to go break them out. Use modules when you need them, but learn how to use them. Simple choices can often have huge consequences.

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