Exclusive Interview with The Accountant’s Seth Lee

Photo Credit: Rowan Daly

Photo Credit: Rowan Daly

Originally posted on TALK NERDY WITH US:

Seth Lee may only be a teenager, but his performance in Gavin O’Connor’s The Accountant is proving to audiences everywhere that he’s a young actor whose talent and skill belie his age. In the film, Lee plays the younger version of Ben Affleck’s Christian Wolff, a man with Asperger’s Syndrome who learns through his father’s tough love how to exist in a world that doesn’t always understand his unique abilities. Lee delivers a compelling performance, perfectly capturing the fear and frustration of a child who’s forced to go against his own grain. While we only see Lee in flashback sequences, his performance complements that of Ben Affleck’s and gives audiences a full view of this character’s lifelong struggle to understand himself.

More than just a budding actor, Lee is also an aspiring director. When he’s not acting, he’s at home diligently crafting his own sketches and short films, many of which he posts to his YouTube Channel.

Lee took a few minutes out of his day to speak with us about his role in The Accountant as well as his passion for directing:

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