Behold These Stuntmen In Jetpacks Soaring Next To A Huge Plane Over Dubai

Warning: this video may stop your heart.  Two daredevils in custom-built jetpacks soar around an Emirates A380, as the fantastical buildings of Dubai whip past thousands of feet below.

Emirates Airlines and stunt team Jetman Dubai planned the unprecedented October 13 stunt for months. Jetman Dubai comprises pilot Yves Rossy and his protégé Vince Reffet, an experienced skydiver. The pair use jet-powered rigid wings, and completed their first duo formation flight in March.

The plane, the world’s largest passenger aircraft, flew in a holding pattern at the relatively low elevation of 4,000 feet. Rossy and Reffet deployed from a helicopter 5,500 feet up. Cameras on helicopters and inside the plane captured the results.

“It was absolutely surreal flying alongside the biggest aircraft there is and we felt like mosquitos beside a gigantic eagle,” Rossy said in a statement [sic].

The gorgeous film doubles as a branding coup for Emirates. Five and a half million people have viewed the video on YouTube since its release on Wednesday, and it’s trending onFacebook